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Cell Phone
Mobile phone service has changed a lot in the last few years. We've lost a lot of the subsidies on phones, but prices for service have come down dramatically. Most people are paying one of the Big Four (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint) for service, but you will pay a lot less at one of the smaller prepaid carriers.

We recently switched to Cricket, which is owned by AT&T. The coverage is identical to AT&T, but we are saving a ton of money every month. We are on a family plan with five phones and we pay $100 per month, total. That's $20 per month for each phone and 5 GB of data per line. It's a great deal. It looks like their family plan discount has changed, so you might not be able to get that price.

A new option with shockingly low prices is Mint SIM. You have to bring your own phone and they operate on the T-Mobile network, so your coverage may vary.

A lot of financial blogs recommend Republic Wireless, but that is probably because they have a generous affiliate program. Their plans are generally more expensive than Cricket, especially if you have a family plan, and they use the Sprint network, which is less reliable than Cricket/AT&T's.

All of our insurance is through State Farm. Last time I checked their rates were competitive after our multi-policy discount was factored in, and our agent is a family friend.

Rooftop Solar
We recently got solar panels on our house and had a good experience with the installer, LA Solar Group. They offered the right combination of being big and reputable enough that I felt they would be around long enough to honor their warranty, but small enough to be willing to customize the system to my exact desires (something SolarCity won't do).
LA Solar Group does have a referral program, so let me know if you're interested in a referral and I will kick back a portion of the referral payment to you.

We really hate paying for hotels, especially when all we plan to do is sleep in the room. AirBnB is an awesome alternative that usually costs less and offers a whole lot more options than any hotel. There are a ton of unique properties on the site that can help you have an amazing travel experience.

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